Delta Climate Center

Weather and climate are changing. This is noticeable worldwide, also in delta areas such as Zeeland. Think about sea level rise, salinization, drought, and changes in biodiversity. Major sustainability challenges - in the areas of energy, nitrogen and nature - also have major impact on our living environment. The DCC develops knowledge and innovations to keep delta areas safe and flourishing.

Welcome to the Delta Climate Center

The Delta Climate Center contributes to safe, sustainable and prosperous delta regions. We conduct reseach, develop educational programmes and collaborate closely with companies, societal organisations, governments and citizens. With Zeeland as our living lab, we aim to help realise innovative solutions for future-proof deltas worldwide.

The Delta Climate Center is a unique partnership between Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Utrecht University, and Wageningen University & Research.


Knowledge institutions such as Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt, NIOZ Marine Research, Utrecht University, and Wageningen University & Research have established the Delta Climate Center. They are working on new courses, specializations, innovative collaborations, and a Lifelong Development program. Special attention is given to linking secondary education, higher education, and academic education through a joint learning line. Within the Delta Climate Center, students from various study programs collaborate on transitions in a delta region facing a changing climate, with a focus on food, water, and energy. This strengthens both the position of knowledge institutions and the labor market in Zeeland.


At Delta Climate Center we combine comprehensive, practice-oriented, and scientific research. Our main themes are: sustainable food, water safety and water availability, and circularity.


Water safety and availability

What measures are needed in Zeeland to become climate-proof and water-robust by 2050?


Accelerating regional transitions

How can regional transitions towards a sustainable, climate-resilient and prosperous delta be accelerated?


Sustainable food

What consequences does climate change have on the production of sustainable food in the Zeeland delta?



How can we speed up the transition towards a circular and bio-based economy in Zeeland?

Working together

The Delta Climate Center works with companies, organisations and governments on research, education and business development in the areas of sustainable food, water safety and availability and circularity.



07 juni 2024

DCC takes part in Conference 'Water as Connection'

Everyone involved with the complex national water challenges posed by climate change and rising sea levels is invited to the conference ‘Water as Connection’ on Thursday, June 20th.

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02 juni 2024

Visit as part of course ‘From Climate Science to Climate Transitions’

Deelnemers aan de cursus ‘From Climate Science to Climate Transitions’ aan University College Roosevelt hebben vrijdag 31 mei een bezoek gebracht aan het Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee (NIOZ) in Yerseke.

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23 maart 2024

Herman Kasper Gilissen new professor at DCC

Cross-border water management in the Zeeland delta, climate adaptation, flood risks and water shortages are themes in his research.